I’ve been fascinated by photographs since I was a kid. I began taking pictures with my family’s Kodak Synchro Reflex camera when I was nine. I was hooked when I saw my first image come up in a tray of developer. I have shot, developed and printed photographic images for over 60 years, shot motion picture film for 50, designed video production systems, produced, engineered and taught video production for 41. I’m a self taught, serious amateur, photographer, and pretty fair chef.

I use both traditional and modern techniques, ranging from an 8x10 Deardorff to contemporary digital cameras. The process of making prints is just as important to me as the practice of creating the photographs themselves. I chose platinum-palladium as a medium for its incredible range of light and its archival properties.

My photographs are available for purchase in 8x10 and 12x16 sizes.

These photographs are a selection of my work from the past several years. Please enjoy them.

Larry Scher_Photographer